Established in January 2009, the Amazon Charitable Trust (ACT) works with the Xixuaú Community to ensure they have the resources and skills to become the best guardians of spectacular biodiversity and natural cycles that shape our world.

Sharing the same Kleinwort origins as the WWF, ACT has helped create, in partnership with the Xixuaú, a sustainable and scalable model for conserving large areas of forest to act as a ‘blueprint’. Today, the revolutionary model of a Science and Research Village has been developed, with input from experts in and out of Brazil, and will protect 1.5 million acres of forest.

ACT is motivated by the philosophy that endangered ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest will only be conserved with the participation and development of local communities.


Latest News
10 Apr 2014
EcoFashion - fashionable and eco-friendly products
EcoFashion is a student company (consisting of 17 students) who set up a first year university project at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and chose the Amazon Charitable Trust as the organisation they wanted to support and create a partnership with.

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27 Feb 2014
A fundamental investment for the well being of the Xixuaú
A new health post has just been built and inaugurated in the Xixuaú Community. They had built a much needed health post in 2002, but due to a lack of appropriate material, it had fallen into disrepair.

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19 Aug 2013
"Please, try not to break any bones"
A simple – and yet extremely important! – piece of advice from the Amazon Charitable Trust to one very special supporter!

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31 May 2013
The support of a conservationist
Eco-warrior Stanley Johnson, award winning conservationist and author of nine novels and over a dozen books on environmental subjects, brings the fight to the heart of London in support of the Amazon Charitable Trust

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