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Tree top botany in the Amazon

Extracting and cataloguing botanical specimens from the rainforest canopy doesn´t sound easy, even with fantastic tree climbing skills, but with the help of some botanists from INPA and Kew Gardens (and a ten metre extendible tree pruner) the community of Xixuaú have shown that the ‘Botânica Comunitária’ (Community Botany) project could work.

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A warm ribeirinho welcome for Sir Ghillean´s expedition

A few days ago a boat chugged up to Xixuaú with probably the most well-connected visitors so far, from the most discerning of art collectors to the bankers´ boardroom.

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Project Talia: one little girl´s legacy brings health care to the Jauaperi

Xixuaú is 30 hours from the hospitals of Manaus, so access to basic health services has long been a priority for the community in Xixuaú.

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What is so special about the Amazon Charitable Trust? A view from the Chair

Dr John Hemming, founder of Survival International and Director and Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society for 21 years, is a trustee of so many charities that after his first visit to Xixuaú, we decided to hear from him about his thoughts on the area, and on ACT’s potential.

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