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“Ecotourism helps our whole community” Mariana explains how everyone benefits

Skimming through the comments book in Xixuaú shows, again and again, how moved visitors are by the chance to glimpse the richness of life in the community and in the rainforest. But the best of it is that the benefits are truly mutual.

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Tree top botany in the Amazon

Extracting and cataloguing botanical specimens from the rainforest canopy doesn´t sound easy, even with fantastic tree climbing skills, but with the help of some botanists from INPA and Kew Gardens (and a ten metre extendible tree pruner) the community of Xixuaú have shown that the ‘Botânica Comunitária’ (Community Botany) project could work.

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A warm ribeirinho welcome for Sir Ghillean´s expedition

A few days ago a boat chugged up to Xixuaú with probably the most well-connected visitors so far, from the most discerning of art collectors to the bankers´ boardroom.

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Project Talia: one little girl´s legacy brings health care to the Jauaperi

Xixuaú is 30 hours from the hospitals of Manaus, so access to basic health services has long been a priority for the community in Xixuaú.

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