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What is so special about the Amazon Charitable Trust? A view from the Chair

Dr John Hemming, founder of Survival International and Director and Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society for 21 years, is a trustee of so many charities that after his first visit to Xixuaú, we decided to hear from him about his thoughts on the area, and on ACT’s potential.

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Meeting the Chair: Dr John Hemming

ACT’s blogger decided to get to know our remarkable Chair, Dr John Hemming, in a short interview. John has spent decades exploring the Amazon, meeting over forty indigenous tribes, undertaking research in unknown territories, and publishing prize-winning books.

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Invasion of the Jauaperi

Where have our fish gone? Xixuaú may be 500km from Manaus, far from shops, roads or restaurants, but the kids are asking their parents whether the largest fish of the Rio Jauaperi actually exist outside their colouring books.

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Great news from the rainforest

Since Peter Bennett and Robert Pasley-Tyler´s trip to Xixuaú we have had some good news: the processes have begun to get permission for construction of some new, traditional wooden malocas for visitors.

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