Amazon Charitable Trust Securing Your Future

The Amazon Charitable Trust (ACT)

ACT was established in 2009 to protect the Amazon rainforest by working with the river-dwellers (ribeirinhos) communities. In the Extractive reserve (RESEX) of the lower Rio Branco Jauaperi, we support 14 traditional communities to become self-sufficient and help to protect the natural resources around them. ACT is motivated by the philosophy that endangered ecosystems of the world will only be successfully conserved with the participation and development of local communities.

ACT commits to design and deliver a centre of excellence for research and education in the Amazon region by working with a network of civil society, research institutions and the private sector to benefit the local communities and provide long-term solutions for the sustainable development of the area

Our Mission
to protect millions of acres of Amazon Rainforest...
Our Approach
working with local communities...
Our Objective
to establish a sustainable ‘blueprint’ business model for the local communities
Robert Pasley-Tyler

"Great projects are built by teams of risk-takers. Apart from the input from the local population, this project owes its life to an inspirational team of young – mainly Brazilian and British – talented phDs. They saw the vision…and expanded the horizon"

Robert Pasley-Tyler, Managing Trustee