Amazon Charitable Trust Securing Your Future

The villageDevelopment of the ‘blueprint’ model

The Amazon Charitable Trust is working towards the development of a scientific research center for the benefit of all the communities of the RESEX of the Lower Rio Branco Jauaperi which focus on education and the economic stability of our partner communities, to help them remain on their lands.

The Science Village will promote education, scientific research and technological innovation with the objective to stimulate research project which involve innovation and technology development for the Amazon region and tropical forest system. A technology and Innovation HUB that will have a regional and global impact on policy making. 

The Science Village will be built to satisfy the needs of scientists, researchers and students alike – focusing on key areas of conservation such as climate change and biodiversity – facilitating them to conduct research in the natural environment of their chosen field with the necessary resources to hand.

The Science Village aims to marry education, research and economic development in a sustainable fashion for the direct benefit of the river-dwellers of the region.  

A typical week in the Xixuaú:

The combination of traditional and scientific knowledge will contribute to create a unique place in education for sustainable development.

Day 1 in the Village

Day 1Relaxing on the boat

It will take about 30 peaceful hours from Manaus to transport you to another world; Relax on the hammock, let you carry by the Certeza, the community boat used for transporting people and products to and from the Xixuaú and start contemplating the river oscillations and its surrounding

Day 2 in the Village

Day 2Finding the giant otters

Meet the 'river wolves' giant otters are endemic to South America and an endangered species. The Rio Jauaperi is among the few accessible places where this rare mammal can be seen with ease. Get on board a canoe patient, you might be lucky enough to encounter the wolf.

Day 3 in the Village

Day 3Fishing with the community

Catching your dinner might not be as easy, fortunately you can learn the fisherman techniques and follow-him on his vital quest for food.

Day 4 in the Village

Day 4Learning about the local flora

A blue morpho butterfly passes by; an almost unreal electric blue spot in all the green and brown that surrounds you. This region of the world boasts some of the biologically richest habitats.

Day 5 in the Village

Day 5Walking on top of the Amazon

Try to put in practice your guide advice of scanning the top of the trees looking for unusual forms or movements...use a canopy walkway to explore the tree top.

Day 6 in the Village

Day 6A day at the river beaches

When the waters are low, one can find a perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon on pristine sandy beaches. Time to go? Really?

In the words of Sergio Weguelin, Former Director of the Amazon Fund, and Director of the Development Bank of Brazil, “this project is a ground breaking territorial inclusion initiative; it creates a new local dynamic whereby local culture is cherished and promoted whilst being combined with external knowledge to enhance the mutual benefits to all parties involved”

The late professor Rogério Valle, Head of Research, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: “This project is a unique initiative. The possibility of combining a sustainable business for local communities with scientific research is a pioneering, innovative and long overdue model for the sustainable development of the Amazon.”