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The model…Creating a partnership between universities, corporates and local communities… ...working for a future

From the existing infrastructures in the Xixuau Community; ACT has conceived a unique model to increase the welcoming capacity of the community. Designed to assimilate universities, corporates and local communities the Village will be constructed in symbiosis with the local environment and formed by 12 ‘malocas’ (lodges) shaped in a circle, with six corporate malocas on one side of the circle and six for universities on the other side. Corporates and institutions from both within and outside Brazil will be invited to sponsor a maloca for their own use along with a maloca for a university of their choice.

This will provide the village not only with sufficient income for maintenance, local salaries, annual running costs, training and education but also funding for university research projects and sustainable development strategies.

Benefits for the community

Benefits for the communities

The Science Village will aim to respect the knowledge of the forest people of the Amazon, but at the same time bring the modern tools of
science and technology for improving their
livelihoods and protecting the Amazon. 

  • Training and education
  • Resource management skills
  • Source of employment
  • Higher living standards
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Strengthening the community’s conservation and preservation efforts
  • Protection of cultural heritage
Benefits for the community Benefits for the community

Benefits for corporates involved

Individual companies can reward, educate and enlighten their staff, as well as provide them with an authentic, hands-on, experience of working on an environmental project, by offering them this once in a lifetime opportunity.​

  • Corporate Social Responsibility - image visibility
    • ​​Working with the co​mmunity for the community 
    • Assisting the conservation and preservation of the Amazon
  • ​​Name association with the Amazon’s largest environmental, social and commercial project
    • Extensive media coverage (national and international)
  • Access to environmentally friendly R&D
    • Supporting ground-breaking researchers
  • Eco friendly facilities at your disposal for;
    • Corporate environmental experiences
    • Management award schemes
    • Team building activities

Research Facilities

We are willing to give scientists and researchers the best of technology in the middle of the Amazon in order to achieve an exceptional work environment built respecting the surrounding and communities. We are collaborating with other research institutions and taking guidance from leading universities to ensure that our researcher will have access to the very best unique facilities in the world.

Innovative Satellite Communications Technology

Inmarsat, responsible for global cutting edge satellite communications technology, has offered its invaluable support to the Amazon Science Village.

Their support will facilitate day-to-day communications for the Xixuaú Community with the outside world and the management team throughout the construction period. Once established, their innovative technology will enhance the work carried out by both researchers and corporates.

Global Xpress

Global Xpress

A parabolic antenna (Ka band – very high frequency) with a diameter of approximately 1.5m and a height of 1m. It communicates directly with Inmarsat’s satellites that are strategically positioned around the equator.



Perhaps the most significant piece of equipment for the Science Village is the ISatData Pro’s SkyWave, which records all forms of data from water levels to humidity. This means that universities and scientific institutions will be able to place these sensors around the forest and the data recorded can be instantly transmitted back to their bases.

The Design

Amazon Charity Trust, The Development Amazon Charity Trust, The Development