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Located 500km northwest of Manaus, in the Brazilian State of Roraima, the village of Xixuaú is home to 22 families who live on the Rio Jauaperi. Since June 2018, 518,000 hectares of rainforest around Xixuaú are forming the protected area of the Baixo Rio Branco - Jauaperi.

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The coordinates are 0'48.023'S, 61'33.476'W

To get there, from Manaus take the boat to Boa Vista that goes upstream the Rio Negro and get off after at Moura village where the Rio Jauaperi meets the Rio Negro. From there you have to go upstream the Rio Jauaperi. It will take about 30 hours of boat from Manaus.

Today, the region is under the management and protection of the Xixuaú Cooperative (CoopXixuaú) formed by the community in October 2009.The CoopXixuaú is based in the community of the Xixuaú but is working to involve the neighbouring communities along the Rio Jauaperi, therefore ACT aims to protect and support the somewhat neighbouring 800 ribeirinhos (river dwellers) who live along this stretch of the Rio Jauaperi.