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Boa Vista and the Government of Roraima

Boa Vista and the Government of Roraima

Earlier this summer, Robert joined representatives from the Xixuaú community and Emanuela Evangelista in Boa Vista to continue discussions with the state government and its various entities to push forward the plans for the science research village. 

During this visit ACT introduced Plinio Ribeiro, (Biofilica) and Plinio had the chance to introduce his company and its operations. Both the presentation and himself were well received.

ACT had a couple of longer working meetings with the State University of Roraima (UERR) where we sought to confirm a number of operational areas with regards to the construction of the proposed science centre. With the land belonging to the state it is essential to have their approval and, added to the prerequisite by the Fundo Amazonia, that there needs to be a recognised vehicle in place to receive the funds, our growing relationship with the UERR and its rector, Hamilton Gondim, made it the perfect entity which to receive funds. This trip also saw ACT establishing a friendship with Marcio Junqueira of Iteraima – Roraima states land registry department. 

In the time since, the state have sent a delegation to visit the area and see for the first time the projects already established. A working group, made up of representatives from the UERR, Iteraima, SEPLAN, FEMARH, IACTI, Biofilica and CoopXixuaú has been established to push the plans for the science research centre forward.