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Great news from the rainforest

Great news from the rainforest

Since Peter Bennett and Robert Pasley-Tyler´s trip to Xixuaú we have had some good news: the processes have begun to get permission for construction of some new, traditional wooden malocas  for visitors.

After the awful floods of 2009 the lovely new complex of three malocas for visitors could not recover from weeks under water.  

The community believed they had successfully applied for a licence to rebuild them on higher ground, and were shocked when, just as construction got underway, the authorities arrived and embargoed the half-finished malocas.  But now the licence fee paid and the authorities are doing their final studies of the area, so once again Xixuaú will be active in building its own future in the shape of six traditional, round malocas.

Thank you to Rorainopolis from the Amazon Charitable Trust and the Xixuaú Community!