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Initiation of the 3-month feasibility study

Initiation of the 3-month feasibility study

ACT accompanied Rubem Cesar Fernandes, president and founder of Viva Rio – one of Brazil’s largest foundations – together with Andre Guimaraes of Conservation International and Sérgio Weguelin former director of the Amazon Fund, managed by BNDES, in a due diligence trip of the Rio Jauaperi and in particular the village of Xixuaú and the surrounding area. 

The ultimate success of this type of larger project, on foreign lands, is entirely dependent upon fostering the support and loyalty not just of the local inhabitants but of those with knowledge, vision and influence key local leaders. This trip was a turning point for the Amazon Charitable Trust due in no small measure to the vision of Rubem.

This is the only Amazon project of its type and size; it is an all Anglo-Brazilian effort; and it started with a donation from the Ernest Kleinwort Trust. As Rubem said 'I don't know if this is going to work…. but if not this, what? There is nothing else on the table'.

This trip resulted in a partnership with Viva Rio – vital for the progression of ACT’s work.