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Manaus - Amazonas´ World Sustainability Forum

Manaus - Amazonas´ World Sustainability Forum

In March both Robert and Emanuela attended the Forum Mundial de Sustentabilidade (Amazonas' World Sustainability Forum) held at the Hotel Tropical, Manaus. The event’s aims were to unite chairmen, CEOs, executives, political leaders, and environmental groups to discuss the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the Amazon and the planet.

After three days of lectures and workshops led by the likes of Bill Clinton, Arnie Schwarzenegger and Richard Branson, ACT had cemented new friendships and set in motion three new proposals. Involving one of our local leaders from the Xixuaú, Plinio Encarnação, was a coup because, other than three Indians, he was the only Amazon dweller to attend.

Plinio was introduced to Fernando Von Zuben, Diretor Meio Ambiente, of Tetra Pak Ltda who confirmed that they will supply the roof covering for the science research centre which will emerge from their recycling plant. They also made friends with Natura’s director and head of research, Victor Fernandes, who was so impressed with the whole concept of the science research centre that he wanted to continue discussions in São Paulo to ensure that they would incorporate the Xixuaú within their Amazon strategy in the future.  

Lastly, our ACT representatives had the opportunity to speak with one of the world’s leading film directors and tapped into his keen environmental side – so let’s watch this space and see what results from this in the future