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The first drone protoytpe !

The first drone protoytpe !

Since October 2019 the Ipanema team, based in Southampton, has been leading the project and working on the structure of the Drone prototype.

After returning from the field and met with their Brazilian counterparts, the students have worked on identifying the most efficient processes to develop an eco-friendly drone.

With the sustainability at its core several elements, from the drone structure to the use of combustibles, are been looked at by the students.

This innovative research project considers the resource availability of the inhabitants of the Jauaperi river who are living in a remote part of the Amazon forest between the state of Roraima and Amazonas. Those resources are divided into material and immaterial aspects such as the knowledge of wood propriety and wood building, the access to tools and materials as well as financial assets.

The first drone prototype was unveiled to ACT in December 2019 at the University of Southampton. A meeting at UFAM in Manaus followed-up to coordinate the bilateral activities with the rest of the team and establish the priorities for 2020.

Now, the students are entering a test phase in order to bring improvement to the drone structure and aeronautical proprieties.

And we're all very excited by the results so far and potentiallity that this drone will bring to the communities of the Jauaperi.