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The Rio Jauaperi meets Boa Vista & Brasilia

The Rio Jauaperi meets Boa Vista & Brasilia

Boa Vista – Brasilia (3rd – 7th September 2018)

In Boa Vista, members of the ACT team have accompanied Aluisio Barroso do Nascimento, Director of the Xixuaú Coooperative and Marcio Souza President of the Itaquera Community for meetings with government and institutions in the capital State of Roraima.

Meeting with local authorities first required undertaking an almost 1300 km from their home on the Rio Jauaperi. But however long the journey is, it is crucial to keep mobilising ressources and strenghten collaboration between civil society and governmental actors for the improvement of the living condition of the 1000 citizens of the Rio Jaupaeri. 

The agenda for this visit was dedicated mostly around the decree of the 5th of June creating the RESEX of the Baixo Rio Branco-Jauaperi. This was the first meeting with the State government since the declaration of Michel Temer for the long term preservation of the socio-ecological system of the Rio Jauaperi. The creation of the RESEX will involve the ICMBio local team in Boa Vista to implement the decision made in Brasilia. Of course, we are only at the beginning of a long process of formation of a management plan for the area but it was important for Aluisio and Marcios to discuss priorities and challenges faced by their respective communities.

The team has also used this opportunity to visit the minister of education concerning the creation of a new 13 to 18 year old living accommodation to enable teenagers to proceed with higher education in their local environment and to avoid students (and innevitabily families) to rellocate to the cities of Novo Airo and Manaus. We hope very much that this project will take place and will continue to support the communities of the Rio Jauperi in their request for better education, health and access to energy.

Aluisio accompanied with Emanuela and Robert then continued their journey to Brasilia where they were greeted by the Ambassador of Norway, member of the UK Foreign Affairs Office, the Environmental Minister of Brazil and a Director of the Institute Chico Mendes. Again, most of the discussions were centred on the creation of the RESEX but the Science Research Village was also discussed with all the parties involved. The development of a project involving Education and Science has the potential to create a new model of development for the RESEX with the creation of alternative revenue for local communities while consolidating cultural exchange and generating work opportunities based on sustainable socio-ecological development.

The vision to expend and amplify Tropical Forest Community Research facilities worldwide will continued to be discussed from the 10th September in San Francisco as international and local leaders from States, region, cities, business investor and civil society will meet scientist and NGO’s to “take ambition to the next level” in the wake of a global movement for climate actions.

To be continued…