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Water Filters to Xixuau

Water Filters to Xixuau

Water is at the centre of the Amazon Ecosystem.

From the millions of m2 reaching the Atlantic Ocean trough the Amazon River and a constant humidity level, the water is omnipresent and part of a precious and highly efficient natural process of water cycle. The Amazon basin is however endangered by a number of threats that put into risk its functions of planet reservoir and ability to regulate weather systems. Some people are more affected than others to those changes and the communities leaving in the forest are foremost the most vulnerable.

At the Amazon Charitable Trust we believe that those people are the guardians of the forest and the most efficient resources to preserve the biodiversity for future generation. Local knowledge is also essential to assist researchers in their study and to help them to unveil Amazon’s secrets.

The Xixuau community is entirely depending on the waters of the Rio Jauaperi to conduct the habitants daily activities. The river is not only a source of food and energy but it is also the link to other communities and the distant cities. The water drinked by the community is coming from the same river and while it has been preserved from pollution, clean water supplies can be an issue for remote communities like the Xixuau.

Thanks to the donation of the Amazon Alliance and its CEO Leonardo Barrionuevo, the Xixuau Community has obtained two water filters to be installed in the community. Two members of the community have received the necessary training in Manaus to ensure a proper maintenance of the filters. The waters filter are operating with Biosand technology inspired from the environment and offering clean water by ridding the water of pathogens and pollutants.

With low cost of maintenance and no need to develop further infrastructure, the water filters have been pleasantly welcomed by the community.