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We wish to all the willing to ACT in 2017

We wish to all the willing to ACT in 2017

The end of the year is normally a time of review for organisations but also for bloggers and journalists who are passing through their pen 365 days of news and actuality. Under this filter what we tend to retain is probably the not so good event that have marked the world, not only because we have a selected memory but also because the "positive" information is rarely making the “news”.

This rule applies for the information we receive from the Amazon Forest and in a broader context from the environmental actuality with exception of specialise site of information which apply a real journalistic perspective to the information, relaying news from different actors and reflecting the realities of the situation.

Looking at the Documentary “Tomorrow” (Demain in French) from, the actor and activist, Melanie Laurent I have been particularly inspired by one of the comment of an interview displayed in the movie. The film showcase the concrete action of peoples, individuals, companies and cities that are developing new way of thinking, consuming and living in order to start and attain the transition to a more sustainable world.

Talking about his action and motivation to make a change, Rob Hopkins (Transition Network), is expressing his surprise to see how good the human being is to plan his own destruction. We are imagining Zombies attacks, giants meteorites, artificial intelligence and other more or less terrific scenario but we are however much reductant in imagining our transformation to a better world. Without entering in the debate of pessimistic vs optimistic, we should however focus on our own actions and working towards the realisation of those actions.

Maybe in 2017, it’s time to get inspire with a different approach to not only the way we see the world but also the way we project it. At ACT we continue to get encourage by the actions of people around the world who see a different future for the Amazon. I think about academic authors (cf Carlos Nobre), researchers and environmentalists but most importantly about the community of the Xixuau who are everyday working with the help of our partners, trentino Insieme and Amazonia Onlus, to develop a sustainable leaving.

Rethink the ecology and the conservation of the environment to cease to seen as a force agenda designated by supra-national entities disconnected with traditional cultures and specific territories but at the contrary to become concrete actions anchor in a simple economic reality, accessible to all and benefiting for human and environment. An example?  Ecosia, the web browser that redistributes the profits generated by the server ads to plant trees.

We wish to all the willing to ACT in 2017 and to share more of your inspirational stories with us.